Today, Ultumus and Vyne announce a strategic partnership between Ultumus’ global ETF and index managed data service and Vyne's unique data integration solution for delivering customized index and ETF flat files to the asset management community.

Ultumus’ specialization is to capture, normalise, enrich and distribute global ETF and index composition data, reducing risk and providing solutions to both sell side and buy side via a state of the art API feed. Ultumus provides look-through information on global ETFs and Indices with the ability to see daily weights and constituent information for Open, Close and Rebalance for usage in trading, risk and performance.

Vyne focuses on the integration of market and reference data from different API sources, providing fully customized and turnkey data feeds to any downstream system, whatever the required format.

Investment management is becoming increasingly data intensive, and no two data consumers are the same. We see growing demands from across the industry to help deliver ‘system ready’ data - matching the bespoke format requirements of our client’s internal systems - and eliminating the work on internal technical resources to integrate a new API. Index and ETF data is a key data category for our clients and we are pleased to work together with Ultumus to provide an integration solution for the delivery of this data set via customized flat-files” said Marty Pitt, CEO at Vyne.

“We are pleased to work together with the Vyne team”, said Bernie Thurston, CEO Ultumus. “Solid and scalable data integration with clear lineage has rapidly become a must-have in investment management. Vyne’s data solutions enables us to offer both customized flat-files and/or an API solution to integrate index and ETF data – ensuring clients can quickly migrate to our solution”.


ULTUMUS are the leading ETF and Index data specialists with offices in London, Singapore and San Francisco. The firm is technology driven implementing the latest cloud-based technology in support of Index and ETF trading, asset management and asset servicing. ULTUMUS’s market presence is global and expands across all business functions of a financial institution that require accurate, reliable and timely Index and ETF data. The combination of data, technology and expertise has shaped the DNA of the firm and is at the heart of everything it does.

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About Vyne

Vyne is an AI-powered data integration and discovery platform, specialising in automated integration of bespoke enterprise APIs and data feeds. Vyne delivers no-code integration which links APIs and data sources on-the-fly, and automatically adapts as data sources change. With industry leading cell-based lineage, Vyne is quickly becoming a favourite of both compliance offices and CTO’s alike.